“She was so beautiful. And I’m just one of those faces that reminds you of synthetic flowers in mall windows. She has eyes that could drown you like the ocean. And mine just looks like cold coffee. She has lips that could shape clouds and rose petals. My lips are boring linear shreds that stammer when she looks my way. I feel horrible and at the same time awe-struck by her. She is the Sun, and I’ll just be a city light in park alleys.”

Amelie.  (via pagibigdatcom)


They don’t deserve you.


It’s National Chocolate Week! 

Buti na lang ang k-cute nung mga contestants ng MiniMe sa Showtime. Self-aliw lang ang peg kasi. Kaya ako tumataba dahil sa pagdecrease ng productivity ko, Nakakainis. Pero tamad ako. Kaya okay na yung boring kesa naman busy. Okay.

Happy birthday, father dearest!

There comes a time when the universe will just throw this big shit in your relationship that will destroy all the good plans you have with your partner for the future. :(